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Facts to Know of on Mammography and Breast Screenings

When it comes to women health, one of the conditions that is has become rather widespread with a number out there and many at risk of it is breast cancer. By and large, this is a condition that happens to be so life threatening but as much as this is the case, early diagnosis of the condition greatly enhances the chances of survival and treatment of the condition as well.

Thanks to mammography, the risk of breast cancers and such like conditions that may affect the breasts can be so effectively handled. Check this post out and see some of the basic facts that you need to know of when it comes to mammography and how it aids with the need to deal with the common breast conditions such as breast cancers and the like.

Talking of mammography, this is a specialized medical imaging technique which makes use of low-dose x ray system which allows you see the inside of the breasts. A mammogram, which is a mammography examination, will be quite helpful for the need to make an early detection and diagnosis of the breast diseases that you may be suffering from.

X rays as well known as radiographs are non invasive medical procedures which aid physicians diagnose and treat a wide array of medical conditions. By and large, x rays remain some of the most commonly used forms and the oldest forms of medical imaging techniques. By and large, this procedure, x rays or radiography, basically involves the exposure of a part of the body to ionizing radiation that produces images of the inside of the body. These radiation procedures for producing such images on the breast part of the body, mammography, are of various kinds and some of the most common ones being; digital mammography, computer aided detection and breast tomosynthesis.

Talking of mammography, this is one of the imaging procedures that has been used commonly to help with the need to do an early detection of conditions such as breast cancer that may be affecting the breasts, in women who may not even be experiencing the symptoms of the condition. If at all you are experiencing symptoms such as lumps, pain, skin dimpling and nipple discharge, these could be indicative of some kind of breast condition and mammography has been used to detect and diagnose such kinds of conditions.

Going by the advice and recommendation by the experts, those above 35 years and not above 40 years, these should go for mammogram and breast screening exams once in every year. Those above and at higher risk would be advised to go for the screenings and mammograms twice in a year.

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